What is Atavistic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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An atavist is a genetic characteristic which emerges after being missing for several generations.

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Q: What is Atavistic?
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When was Atavistic Records created?

Atavistic Records was created in 1986.

How do you use the word atavistic in a sentence?

Atavistic refers to something that is primordial or basic. An example is, "When John saw the bear, his heart pounded as he reverted to his atavistic fears."

What does atavistic mean?


What rhymes with atavistic?

too simplistic

How do you use atavism in a sentence?

The atavistic desire to capture, kill and ultimately consume.

What does the term atavistic mean?

Atavistic means relating to or characterized by reversion to ancestral traits or characteristics, often considered primitive or outdated. It suggests a throwback to an earlier evolutionary stage or form.

Who concluded that violent people are atavistic?

Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso concluded that violent people are atavistic, meaning they exhibit primitive traits resembling those of early human ancestors. Lombroso's theory was based on the idea that certain individuals were biologically predisposed to criminal behavior.

A whales remnents if hind limb are reffered to what structures?

Atavistic structures are structures that appear on a living thing, but are not normal for its species. One of those would be a whale born with hind legs. Another would be a human born with a short tail-like structure.

What is a sentence for the words leer and fear?

His leer conjured up an atavistic fear that she thought was gone forever. The monster's menacing leer caused enough fear that the entire hunting party fled in terror. individually: He thought that her fear was unwarranted. Her leer showed them that she was, in fact, disgusted with them.

What is the anatomical evidence for the of evolution?

Firstly and most importantly it is the fact that the anatomies of all life follow a pattern of nested hierarchies. More recognisably, we often find atavistic structures that have diminished function in modern lifeforms, but not in sister clades or in more basal (and possibly extinct) lifeforms.

Who argued that certain body features could be used to identify criminals?

One of the proponents of using body features to identify criminals was Cesare Lombroso, an Italian physician and criminologist. He believed that physical characteristics could indicate underlying criminal tendencies, which he termed "atavistic traits." Lombroso's theories have been largely discredited.

What words start with first letter a and third letter a?

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