What stone is umbreon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Umbreon doesn't have a stone. You have to max out Eevee's happiness and level it up at night.

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It should be a moon stone?

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Q: What stone is umbreon?
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What stone do you use to evolve Eevee into umbreon?

Eevee doesn't evolve into Umbreon with a stone. Eevee evolves into Umbreon when it is levelled up with high happiness during the night.

Can you turn Espeon into umbreon with a moon stone in soul silver?

No, you cannot turn an espeon into an umbreon with a moon stone. You must train a separate eevee during the nighttime with full happiness to get an umbreon. A moon stone will evolve a clefairy, jigglypuff, and skitty, but not an espeon.

Which stone evolves evee in Pokemon HeartGold?

thunder stone, water stone, and fire stone just like in every other game... But if you want Umbreon or Espeon they evolve with love Umbreon(night), Espion(day)

How do you evolve into a umbreon?

Use a moon stone on Eevee.

What happens if you use a dawn stone on EEvEE?


What stone do you evolve Eevee into umbreon in Pokemon firered?

You don't use a stone at all. Eevee evolves into Umbreon via happiness, followed by a level up AT NIGHT.

Can a moon stone make eevee evolve into umbreon?

no,it evolves if you've bonded with it well and level it up at night. Actually in Emerald 386 for GBA emulators it can.... Moon Stone ----> Umbreon Sun Stone ----> Espeon ;)

Can you evolve Eevee after level 36?

You can evolve it any time, and I mean ANY TIME as long as you have the stone for it... Fire Stone= Flareon Water Stone= Vaporeon Thunder Stone= Jolteon Moon Stone= Umbreon Sun Stone= Espeon I believe that's correct, but I'm not certain on the Umbreon/Espeon deal but yeah.

Why can't an Eevee evolve to an Umbreon with a Dusk Stone?

Because Eevee evolves into Umbreon only by maxing out it's happiness during the night and leveling it up.

What pokemon evolves with a moon stone in Pokemon FireRed?

Clefairy, Jigglypuff. Umbreon. etc.

Why cant Eevee evolve into Espeon or umbreon in Pokemon shiny gold?

um theres are some possibilitys. first make sure there really close to you (your eevees) then once you think you have a very strong bond, level up in a battle at night for umbreon or day for espeon. use sun stone for espeon then moon stone for umbreon\

How do you make umbreon evolve?

usually by happiness at night but what i do is give it a moon stone to hold then level it up once. trust me i tried it multiple times and it works