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I would say it is still in the GROWTH STAGE since it's sales are still far beyond that of PlayStation or Xbox.

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Q: What stage in the product life cycle is Wii in?
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What stage in the product life cycle is Nintendo in?

The Nintendo Wii is currently in the Maturity stage. Although sales are declining profits are still positive. Nintendo announced that its new console is going to come out later this year.

Do you need a Wii to play the Wii you?

No. The Wii and the Wii-U are too completely independent systems. The Wii-U is not an add-on product of the Wii.

What is skyscraper n64 on Mario Kart wii?

It is a battle stage.

When will WOW be compatible with Wii?

Most likely Wii will never be compatible with WOW as it is a product of Microsoft and Wii is a product of Nintendo, two rival companies. WoW is not made by Micro$oft. It's made by Blizzard Entertainment.

What is the most searched for product on eBay?

Nintendo WII.

What company makes the Wii and DS?

Nintendo makes the Wii and DS. No offence, but it does say on the product and packaging box Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.

What are cheat codes for tron on wii?

lctalltrails - Intense light cycle trailslcsupersharpslide - Sharp slide turns for light cycle

How do you create your own stage on smash bros brawl Wii?

click in the menu

How do you get stage 10 in Wii Music?

complete level 8 of pitch perfect

Can you get Wii points by buying a Wii game or another Wii product?

There is are no Wii games or products that give free Wii points. The only way you can obtain them is to buy them using a Nintendo points card or a credit card.

How do you get the nitro cycle in Mario Kart wii?

get at least 1 star rank

Is there a Shaun White game for wii?

YUP ! Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage