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Q: What specific game is like war commander?
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Is there a game like war commander for PC?

there are several games for pc that looked like war commander, command & conquer series is one, at least the 2D versions

How do you get into your game war commander without using facebook?

unlucky ! you can not its impossible

What happens in Cherub the General?

The commander of an American war game plans to smuggle CHERUB agents into his game.

What is the bwst way to win at war commander operation shockwave?

play the game

What was Ulysses S. Grant like as a military commander?

like a normal war general

What commander served in the world war 2?

The COMMANDER that served in world war 2 is Commander Leon who fought against Germany

Who was the commander of the Japanese army in World War I?

Yes they did they Commander was unknown

What is a sentence using the word commander?

the commander Send The Soldiers To The War!

Who was the Greek commander and chief in the Trojan war?

agamemnon was the commander in cheif

Why did colonists gather at the second continental congress?

Because they were in a war with England, and needed to organize. Elect a Commander (George Washington), plan a strategy, and organize money to pay for the war. Stuff like that...

Did Lincoln fight in the US Civil War?

He was the President and Commander-In-Chief. He led the USA, he did not fight the war like a common soldier, or general.

Who was the commander of the British forces in America at the start of war?

Commander Thomas Gage