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Generations/Pets has the best clothes, in my opinion. The best hairstyles are probably in Ambitions

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Q: What sims 3 expansion pack has the best clothes and hair?
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What comes in sims 2 deluxe?

In the Sims Deluxe it comes with the Nightlife expansion pack... and alot of new collections such as clothes , hair & furniture.

What should you pack for pony camp?

Pack. Sleeping bag comb ( for your hair ) a flash light and clothes ( pillow )

Which sims expansion pack is the best one?

SimsTM 2 Seasons.

How do I pack my clothes in a suitcase to prevent them from wrinkling?

To prevent wrinkles it is best to roll your clothes and not fold them.

How do you get an expansion pack for Sims 2 pets on PC?

Pets is an expansion pack.

What versions of Age of Empires are out?

AOE 1 and its expansion pack AOE 2 and its expansion pack AOE 3 I'm not sure if it has an expansion pack

What sims 2 expansion pack lets you make werewolves?

The Nightlife expansion pack.

What was the first sims 2 expansion pack?

The first expansion pack released was University.

Can you play the Sims 2 with the original disc AFTER you've installed an expansion pack and still have all the perks of the expansion pack?

No, You Can't you have to use the expansion pack disc

What sims 2 expansion pack do you need to get farm animals?

you need the pet expansion pack

Does ocarina of time require the expansion pack?

no, the ocarina of time does not need the expansion pack.

How do you make a sim with a head but no body?

You can't I don't think but maybe with an expansion pack or speacial clothes you can get an Invisibility Cloke but I'm not quite sure.