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Try wiping the disc with a towel or tissue to rub off any dust. There are probably scratches on it. If that doesn't work, your game may have too many scratches.

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Q: What should you do if your Wii cannot read a disc?
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Your Nintendo Wii took a beating and the disc that is in there will not read and a cannot eject that disc from the console either how do you fix it?

by eating the wii

How do you put a GameCube disk in a will console?

A gamecube disc can be used in a Wii console the same way a Wii disc can. Simply insert the disc into the slot and the wii should pull the disc in and read it.

You bought Pokemon Battle Revolution and ive upraded your wii but when you insert the disc it says cannot read disc but it reads all your other game discswhat should you do?

You can bring it back to the place you bought it. If you have a saved file, you will still have it. It saves to the Wii, not the disc.

Will a downloaded Wii game work on a not modified Wii?

No definitely notThe wii will not read the disc

What does a wii laser lens do?

Read the game disc

Can erasing a Wii game in data management while the disc is still in affect the disc at all?

The Wii has a read only DVD , so you can't damage the game disc .

What do you do when Wii disc could not be read?

Clean it, or put it in the other way.

When you put a wii disc in it shows unable to read disc how do you fix this?

If it only does that for a certain disc, then the disc is probably damaged and needs to be replaced. If this happens for all discs, then there is a problem with your disc reader. If that is the case, contact Nintendo and see if they can fix your wii.

What do you do if Wii says The Game Disc could not be read for Deadly Creatures even after doing everything in the operations manual?

Well it should happen to more games but have you tried cleaning it? Or maybe you entered the disc the disc side the wrong way

What should you fix when you load your Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games disc in the Wii and the Wii resets?

Clean the disc if that doesnt work take it to GameStop.

What is a Wii disc?

a disc like a CD but then for your wii where a game to play on your wii is on

How do you get Netflix on the wii without the installation disc?

there is no such thing as a wii netflix cd