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After downloading the Visual Boy Advanced emulator, or as some people like to call the No$GBA, try downloading your favourite Game Boy Adavanced game.

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Q: What should you do after downloading the Visual boy advance?
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Where do you get a e-reader for visual boy advance?

download the e reader for visual boy advance

Does the visual boy advance give you viruses?

No, the Visual Boy Advance program does not give you viruses. You can get a virus from files downloaded from unsafe sources and then used with the Visual Boy Advance program.

Petz Hamster life 2 visual boy advance?

yes u can play it on visual boy advance

Why won't my Visual Boy Advance load my saved game?

You may have the wrong version of the Visual Boy Advance.

How do you get Pokemon plantinum version far visual boy advance?

You can't play Pokemon Platinum on visual boy advance. It's a Nintendo DS game and visual boy advance can only play gameboy games.

How do you download visual boy?

Visual Boy Advance ( VBA) can be downloaded in the following link:

How do you download virtual boy advance?

There actually is no virtual boy advance. I think you may be thinking of Visual Boy Advance which is the same thing as the Game Boy Advance

Where can you get visual boy advance games?

Is Game Boy advance visual eligal?


What is a VBA?

visual basic for applications ---------- Alternately, VBA, or Visual Boy Advance, is a Game Boy Advance emulator for most computer operating systems.

My visual boy advance doesn't work with roms that are not from the place I took it from. Where can I find an emulator that works with any ROM?

Visual Boy Advance:

Where you can download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for visual boy advance for free?

visual boy advance is the wrong emulator go to and download a dslite emulator