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Mienshao. First of all, Bisharp has a 4X disadvantage to fighting type. Also, mienshao knows some wicked moves. If you want a fast one, have it jolly nature. If you want a strong one, have it adamant nature. train it's speed by going to route 9 and use it to beat up every wild pokemon. train its attack by going to route 1. If you wan to know more about why these routes, then go to and search EV training. It's moveset should be uturn, jump kick, fake out, drain punch, or stone edge, or bounce. It should have regenerator ability, and give it a coba berry, or a life orb, or a shell bell.

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Q: What should i add to my team Bisharp or mienshao my team so far is Serperior cofigirus druddigon volcarona and archeaops PS this is not a competitive team?
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Does druddigon evolve?

No druddigon does not evolve into anything and nothing evolves into it.

What type of Pokemon is Druddigon?

Druddigon is a Dragon type pokemon.

How do you get a druddigon in winter?

You can find Druddigon inside the Dragonspiral Tower during Winter.

What is druddigon weakness?

Druddigon is weak against dragon and ice type pokemon

What is Druddigon weak against?

Druddigon is weak against dragon and ice type pokemon

What is the national pokedex number for Druddigon?

Druddigon is #621 in the national pokedex, and it is a Dragon type Pokemon.

Is my team good enough to defeat the elite four 2nd time on Pokemon white I have level 68 Serperior level 61 Zekrom level 59 excadrill level 57 simipour Hydreigon and druddigon both lvel 53?

i wouldn't say so as the elite 4 Pokemon have level 71

What is effective against Druddigon?

Druddigon is a Dragon-type Pokemon, so it's weak to Dragon, Ice, and Fairy attacks.

Does Druddigon learn dragondance?

Nope, it would be good if it could learn it by egg or other means, but Druddigon can't learn Dragon Dance.

What level does druddigon evolve at in Pokemon black?


How do you get a druddigon in Pokemon black?

Go to dragonspiral tower and catch it

What level does druddigon learn dragon rage in Pokemon white?

level 305