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Q: What rank do you have to be to unlock the Recon helmet on Halo Reach?
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If you pre order halo reach will you get recon?

Any preorder of Halo: Reach will get you the Recon Helmet for free use in Halo: Reach ONLY. If you preorder the Legendary Edition you will receive the Bungie flaming helmet.

What rank do you need to be to get the recon helmet in halo reach?

You have to be the last rank and 100% Armor completion

Can you overlap halo reach dlc codes i e recon helmet and the combined recon and flaming helmet codes?

the recon comes if you pre-order halo and the flaming helmate comes in the legendary edition.

How do you unlock emile's helmet in halo reach?

Do a bulltrue in matchmaking to unlock the avatar award.

What is the difference between halo reach and halo reach limited?

Halo Reach: Limited Edition comes with an Elite Officer, and recon helmet for your spartan.It also comes with a bonus disc with mini-games.P.S - This does NOT come with flaming recon helmet. See "Legendary" Edition.

What is the spartan armor when you buy halo reach legendary edition?

You get a code to unlock the flaming helmet With the Recon Helmet with U/A with possible shoulder pads (i don't remember) And the officer elite

Does anybody have a spare unused code for Halo Reach Recon helmet?


What is a code for a halo reach recon helmet?


What do you get if you pre order halo reach do you get a priz or what?

Wrong. I pre ordered Halo Reach today. You get a free in-game recon helmet for multiplayer.

What is the code to unlock the flaming helmet in halo reach?


What helmet does carter wear in halo reach?

He is wearing the Commando helmet that you unlock by ranking up.

How do you get a flaming recon helmet in halo reach?

The only way to have got it is by pre ordering Halo Reach. In other words... it's to late. You can also get it by having a account. You need to get some achievements about *vidmaster* from Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST and follow what they tell you for a recon helmet, i don't know if it comes with flames.