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It is actually called something else that I can't remember, but you unlock it in the E.V.A. helmet as an accessory after you buy every other helmet and accessory.

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Q: How do you get the Halloween helmet in halo reach?
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How do you get the haybusa helmet in reach?

There is no hayabusa helmet in halo reach

What kind of helmet does carter wear in halo reach?

the commando helmet

What is the halo reach flaming helmet code?

There's no code for the helmet.

How do you unlock emile's helmet in halo reach?

Do a bulltrue in matchmaking to unlock the avatar award.

If you pre order halo reach will you get recon?

Any preorder of Halo: Reach will get you the Recon Helmet for free use in Halo: Reach ONLY. If you preorder the Legendary Edition you will receive the Bungie flaming helmet.

How do you get the flaming helmet in halo reach?

Work for bungie, or buy the legendary edition of halo: reach.

How do you get Mixed Map helmet on Halo Reach?

that does not exist

How do you play halo reach without a helmet?

This is impossible to do.

Can you get the flaming helmet in halo reach in 2011?

yes you can

Can i get the scout helmet in halo reach?

Nike just do it!

What is jorges armor in halo reach?

his helmet is a grenadier

What is the code to unlock the flaming helmet in halo reach?