What r all of the curse words?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are far too many to list here. I suggest you consult a slang dictionary.

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Q: What r all of the curse words?
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Why do you have curse words?

To give out all your anger

What are all the curse words in the Bible?

There are no curse words in the Bible. There are a few words that MIGHT be considered curse words now, but were not considered curse words at the time the Bible was written. There are instances of the word ass (e.g. Exodus 20:17) but it is refering to the donkey on which Christ was riding.

What are all the curse words in the worlds?

cant say them bad words

What is all the cruse words?

Curse words are just words. Ordinary words become curse words by the intent of the user and the context of their use. Ordinary words used to hurt or insult.

Does hotline bling have curse words?

No it does not have curse words

What are curse words?

Curse words are very very bad words.

Is the rating of the south park movie bigger longer and uncut R?

Probably because of all the swearing and sexual talk. If it isn't R it's defiantly PG-13 No its rated R because it has the most curse words of any movie ever!

Are there curse words in movie Mamma Mia?

no there are no curse words except crap

What can be considered a bad word?

Cuss words or curse words are considered to be bad words. Curse words vary from culture to culture and are also referred to as bad words. In most societies the use of curse words is frowned upon.

Does a 2 year old baby say curse words?

you think they don't say curse words but they do my baby does so they might say curse words watch out ok

Does the Halo book 'Fall of reach' have a lot of curse words?

I read the book about two months ago, and there are few, if no curse words. If there are they aren't very explicit at all. The book is a great read, especially for Hal fans! Hope it helped.

How come people curse?

Beacause curse words are in the bibile