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Zeus, the Esroh.

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Q: What quest on HorseIsle requires a golden apple?
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What HorseIsle quest requires lizards?

Most Quests on Desert Isle in the Desert Require Lizards.

What quest on HorseIsle gets you the most quest points?

Candide's Golden Sheep Quest gives you 400 QP. So far, I think that's the most. HarryPotter Palomino

Where are the golden sheep for candides quest on horseisle?

Please refer to the Related Links section to see a detailed guide (with pictures!) of this quest. You will have to register on the site to see it though.

HorseIsle quest websites?

How do you follow the path to the golden apple on poptropica?

Talk to minotaur and do the quest for him then fowllow the path to the apple

How do you get the Golden Apple on mythology island?

The Golden Apple is in the Tree of Immortality, and is a minor quest item. In the Tree of Immortality (left of the Town), climb up the snakes and use the mushrooms to bounce you to the top, At the right is a Golden Apple, and a satyr who will show you how to get the Apple if you recover his 10 honeypots in 60 seconds. The satyr makes a hasty retreat as Zeus arrives. But the god has a quest for you to complete and he will give you the promised Immortality.

What do you do with the golden apple on Mythology Island?

As it turns out, nothing at all. You get the attention of Zeus, and he gives you a separate quest.

When can you take the golden apple quest in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

whenever you feel like it

How do you unlock Candides Golden Sheep on HorseIsle- Ive Done Grey Slates but its still unavailable?

You also need to do Temperance's Quest, she's in Treeton. Near the Rock Shop and Inn. The quest is fairly quick. -Alleged.

What quest gives the most money for HorseIsle?

The quest that gives you the most money in HorseIsle is Grey Slate's Gaudy Crown. It can give up to 50,000 points.

How do you do the Opal Sandstone's Sapphire quest on horseisle?

Where is Calil for Sporta's band practice quest on horseisle?