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i cant do that bit either because i don't know where the pokemart with the members card is but some guy told me you can get it from any pokemart but hes wrong because i have looked in a few different pokemarts and there is no green guy that gives me a members card by the way that's not how you spell darkrei you spell it like darkrai and if nobody answers the question check your bag to see if you already have it.

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Q: What pokemart do you enter to get a members card to get darkrei?
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Do you hold lr or rl when you get the members card?

No, you dont just enter to the house

What is the members card code for Pokemon platinum?

94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 0000B5D4 00000008 0000B5D8 00000000 D2000000 00000000 Press L+R while entering a pokemart.

What are the clubpenguin codes?

Club Penguin codes are codes that you can enter online. There are a variety of codes like Card Jitsu Card Codes, Coin Codes, and Book Codes. You can also enter Membership Card Codes if you click the Members tab on the homepage.

How do you get member card with action replay?

code of course get it at google and type shaymin code and find the link that says something like this: shaymin/arceus/darkrai and click on that and go see the code that is members card for how to use search that question!!!!!!

What does the master card do in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

the master card is not an item in Pokemon diamond and pearl. you may mean the members card? this allows you to get into the hotel in (getting into the hotel starts off the darkrai saga) when you get inside the hotel you are put into a bed and have a dream about darkrai and then when you leave the hotel go to the sailor that took you to full moon island. he will be able to take you to darkrai and when you battle him he is level 45 so save beforehand and be careful. now to get the members card you shall need to go to the pokemart in canalave and speek to a man in blue near the counter he will give you the members card.

How do you open harbor door on Pokemon pearl?

you need the mebemer card that you get at any pokemart from a men in green

How do you enter a 39 clues card code?

You have to make your own account on the 39 clues website, then look for the code on the card, click add card, and enter the code.

How do you get member card on Pokemon Diamond?

Enter any pokemart to see a man in green standing next to the counter. Talk to him and he will give you the Members Card. Fly to Canalave city and head north of the Pokemon center. There is a Harbor Inn that you can now enter. Once inside, you will be put in a bed and taken to an island that just has Darkrai waiting. Darkrai is level 40 and you cannot leave the island unless you capture or defeat Darkrai so be sure to bring a party that can handle it. NOTE: You cannot get into the Inn if you have not cured the sick boy with the Lunar Wing. See the Cresselia section of the guide if you have not taken care of the sick boy.

Where do you find the guy in the green jacket in Pokemon diamond?

after using the action replay code for oaks letter or the azure flute of the members card enter a pokemart of your choice. And you should se him standing next to the desk click on him using the A button and he will say ... good evening you must be (your players name) Iv'e received a gift for you. Here you go! (Your players name) obtained the whatever item you hacked to get and ye that is all. Hope this helps you.

How do you enter the locked house in canalave city on platinum without cheats?

i don't know if it is the same on platinum but on diamond you use a cheat and go in a pokemart and talk to the guy in green he gives you a member card walk up to the building and you go in a guy puts you to sleep and you catch darkrai

Is card jitsu water for members?

card jitsu water is not out yet! if it will be out its 90% for members 10% for nonmembers!

Was Card Jitsu a member game?

no card jitsu has always been for both members and non-members