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ds, wii GB

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Q: What platforms can you get Pokemon on?
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Can you exchange Pokemon from VBA to Dolphin? cant...they are two separate platforms.

Can you battle between Pokemon FireRed for Game Boy Advance and Pokemon red for game boy color with each being played on their respective platforms?

I don't think so.

Is Pokemon ranger guardian signs on DSI?

Yeah its just the normal DS game. The DS game works on all DS platforms.

Is there anyway to get Manaphy from Pokemon ranger to diamond if there on the same R4?

sadly, no. the Pokemon you "befriend" are only temporary, they practically don't exist. its the patner Pokemon that are like captured Pokemon but you cant even trade them. basically, theyre different platforms. the scripting and engineering are like opposites and as a matter of fact, theres no place to trade Pokemon in Pokemon rangers.

How do you get through Pokemon platinum 8th gym?

Get a Steelix that's a high level or a Torterra or any Pokemon that has dragon and ground moves. (so Garchomp). then use these sort of moves on his Pokemon and boom he goes down. (mind his electivire and those moving platforms)!

How do you pass the maze in canalave city Pokemon gym?

To get through you need to step on these yellow platforms until you reach the very top. Hope this helps. :)

When was Bengali in Platforms created?

Bengali in Platforms was created in 1987.

When was Level Platforms created?

Level Platforms was created in 1999.

How many platforms does Grand Central have?

47 platforms and 75 tracks

How many people play pokemon online games?

With multiple games and platforms, Nintendo has over 70,000 unique visitors per week to their Pokemon main site. If one were to factor in all of the Pokemon sites that are currently available the number would be 1,340.000 visitors per week.

Pokemon explores of the sky action replay cheat codes cheats?

Go on Codejunkies it has loadsa codes for different games and Platforms. And it had DS Pokemon Sky ones. Go to bottom of page and click search codes and then type game in and platform and it will find them for you.

What is GE Intelligent Platforms's population?

The population of GE Intelligent Platforms is 1,850.