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The ruby is at The Stage but you can only get it if the play is Ruby and the Ruby.

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Q: What place on Club Penguin is the ruby at?
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How do you get backstage on club penguin in Ruby and the Ruby?

there is no backstage.

Club Penguin ruby and the ruby?

A Club Penguin play about a woman who lost her ruby jewel and gets help from Detective Jaque Hammer to find it.

Where is the hidden hat in ruby and the ruby in club penguin?

there is no hidden hat

Where is the ruby on Club Penguin?

The Ruby is in the catalog at the stage on July 10,2009.

Is there a diamond pin on Club Penguin?

there was a ruby pin on club penguin but it is gone now there is a different pin.

Where is the ruby pin on Club Penguin?

behind the painting

How can you get a detective hat in club penguin?

You can buy it when the play 'Ruby And The Ruby' comes to the stage.

Is there an old party place on Club Penguin?

No, there is no old party place on club penguin

Where is the ruby pin in Club Penguin?

go to the stage and click on anything you can. when your done click on the painting, then on the safe, then on the ruby!

Can you use a weopon on Club Penguin?

No, you cannot use one on Club Penguin. If you're thinking about that then Club Penguin is not the right place to be.

Where do you get the red dress on Club Penguin?

If your wondering where to get the sparkling red dress on club penguin its out NOW if you look at this to late wait for ruby and the ruby to come out at the stage and then look in the costume trunk and its called the dazzle dress! hope this helps!! ;)

How do you kill other penguins on Club Penguin?

You can not kill other penguins on club penguin. The club penguin is for ages 6-14. So if you like to kill people, club penguin is not the place for you.