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Dark Pulse

Quick Attack

Bone Rush

Aura Sphere

Metal Claw

Swords Dance

Me First


Dragon Pulse


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Q: What moves will your Lucario learn in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you beat Lucario in Pokemon diamond?

Use Fightning moves.

In Pokemon diamond when will your Lucario learn aura storm?

Lucario doesn't learn aura storm. unfortunately that move is exclusive to super smash brothers brawl. to see all the moves Lucario can learn the link is below:

What level does Lucario learn aura spear?

Lucario, an Aura Pokemon, learns aura spear at Start. Other moves Lucario can learn include power-up punch, low speed, brick break, and high jump kick.

What Moves do totodile learn in Pokemon diamond?

Go to and they have everything there

What moves do epoleon learn on Pokemon platinum?

The same as in diamond &pearl

What moves does dustox learn after level 50 in Pokemon diamond?


What moves does Lucario learn?

aura sphere

What Pokemon type is most effective against Lucario?

Lucario- Fighting and Steel type. Lucario can learn moves of every type except for Grass and Flying type moves. However, Lucario's most powerful moves are Fighting Type so it is good to use Flying, Ghost, Poison, Psychic or Bug Types. As for what moves you should use, Fire, Fighting and Ground Type moves are all super effective.

What are the moves Blaziken can learn in Pokemon diamond?

the same ones in Hoen but it can learn brave bird and skyattack

What all does mew learn on his own and when does he learn it in Pokemon Yellow?

go to then go to the diamond and pearl pokedex section and search mew. the moves pokemon learn in diamond and pearl are the same as yellow.

What element does Lucario have?

Lucario is a fighting and steel type Pokemon.

What are the best moves for a fully evolved Lucario on Pokemon platinum?

force palm,aura sphere,sesmic toss (if able to learn) and close combat (if able to learn)