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In Pokémon Platinum, the moves that Steelix is capable of learning via level up include ones such as Tackle, Bind, Harden, Mud Sport, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Rage, Screech, Rock Throw, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb, Slam, Rock Polish, Iron Tail, Dragonbreath, Double-edge, Stone Edge and Crunch.

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Q: What moves steelix can learn in Pokemon Platinum?
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Is there a place on Pokemon platinum that tells you the moves your Pokemon will learn?


What moves do epoleon learn on Pokemon platinum?

The same as in diamond &pearl

Can Gyarados learn ice moves in Pokemon platinum?

Yes he can. For example, he can learn the TM Ice Beam.

What do you do with the color shards in Pokemon platinum?

You can trade them to the move tutors so that your Pokemon can learn different moves.

What moves can Pikachu learn in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to and TADAA!! you will see what you were searchin for

How do you get through Pokemon platinum 8th gym?

Get a Steelix that's a high level or a Torterra or any Pokemon that has dragon and ground moves. (so Garchomp). then use these sort of moves on his Pokemon and boom he goes down. (mind his electivire and those moving platforms)!

What are the moves monferno will learn on Pokemon platinum?

all i know is mach punch and flame wheel and taunt

What moves do Dialga learn and at what levels?

if it was Pokemon platinum dialege leans arua sphere at level 92

What are shards for In Pokemon platinum?

shards can be used to trade with other people. in return, they may teach your Pokemon moves. there are 3 move tutors in Pokemon platinum that will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for shards in a specific color.

What do you give Arceus for it to learn grass moves in Pokemon platinum?

Arceus does not require an item in order to actually learn Grass-type moves, however it can be given the Meadow Plate in order to boost the power of these moves by turning it into a Grass-type Pokemon.

What pokemon should you use in Pokemon Platinum?

The best team in pokemon platinum is an Infernape, Staraptor, Luxray [third evolution of Shinx], Floatzel, Bibarel [make it learn all four moves as HMs] and Giratina.

What Pokemon will learn crush on Pokemon platinum version?

Crush is a field move, exclusive to Pokemon Ranger. You may be looking for Crush Claw(sorry if your not!). A good site to see which moves Pokemon can learn is