What moves does pidgey learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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{| ! Level |- ! Move ! Type ! Category ! Power ! Accuracy | 01 Tackle normal 35 95 05 Sand-attack ground - 100 09 Gust flying 40 100 13 Quick Attack normal 40 100 17 Whirlwind normal - 100 21 Twister dragon 40 100 25 Featherdance flying - 100 29 Agility psychic - - 33 Wing Attack flying 60 100 37 Roost flying - - 41 Tailwind flying - - 45 Mirror Move flying - - 49 Air Slash flying 75 95 |}

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Q: What moves does pidgey learn?
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What are pidgeys moves in Pokemon Yellow?

Pidgey's moves are gust, sand attack and quick attack. As the level grows and it evolves, it can learn more stronger moves. Pidgey can learn fly even if it's not evolved yet.

Can an pidgey learn cut?


What level does pidgey learn peck?


Who is a better Pokemon Spearow or pidgey?

Personally, I think Pidgey's are way better. They are easier to find, have better moves and more evolutions.

What level does Pidgey learn sand-attack in Pokemon yellow?

Pidgey learns Sand Attack at level 5.

What is Pidgey Pokemon weakness?

Rock, Ice and Electric type moves.

What bird type Pokemon is a better choice Pidgey or hoothoot?

i think pidgey because it is strong fast and has many good moves as it evolves.

When does pidgey learn peck?

pidgeot does not learn aerial ace but it does learn air slash on level 62

At what level does Pidgey learn wing attack?

Level 33

What Pokemon in fire red can learn cut and fly?

Pidgey, Pidgeotto,Pidgeot

How do you get Pidgey learn brave bird as well a staraptor?

Pidgey doesn't learn it unless you breed it with a pokemon that knows Brave Bird, i suggest you use a Fully evolved Staraptor, that knows Brave Bird, Staraptor learns it at level 37

What is the step by step process in order for Pidgey to learn Foresight and Brave Bird in Pokemon X and Y?

One option with Pidgey learning Foresight and Brave Bird is by putting a female Pidgey (or any of its evolutions including its final evolution of Pidgeot) into the Daycare with males of either Farfetch'd, Starly, Ducklett or any of its evolutions and then you can put the female Pidgey and any of the males into the Daycare as long as one of the males knows Brave Bird and it will result into an egg that hatches into a Pidgey that knows Brave Bird and after making sure that you have hatched a female Pidgey you can then breed the female Pidgey with a male Hoothoot or Noctowl that knows Foresight which will result into an egg that will hatch into a Pidgey that knows Foresight and Brave Bird.