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These are the moves it can learn by leveling up:

  • Level 15- Confusion
  • Level 23- Light Screen
  • Level 31- Double Slap
  • Level 39- Meditate
  • Level 47- Substitute
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Q: What moves does mr mime learn Pokemon red?
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What moves does Raichu learn in Pokemon Red?


What moves can Arcanine learn in Pokemon fire red?

Fire type moves

How do you learn moves you deleted in Pokemon fire red?


What moves can Bulbasaur learn in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

Bulbasaur can learn any move he can learn in Pokemon leafgreen/ firered.

What moves does aerodactyl learn in Pokemon Red?

Bi tch i dont know

In Pokemon fire red what moves does nidoking learn?

It learns that Pokemon are corny, and decides to become a transformer.

Is there such a thing as a psychic-lightning Pokemon in red version and where do you find it?

Mr.Mime can learn electric moves and psychic moves.

Will Pokemon learn new moves in daycare in fire red?

yes but you don't know what moves the day care lady will change

What moves do Red's Pokemon know in Pokemon Red?

you are red so , therefore, you decide the moves your pokemon know...

What moves does butter free learn at what level on fire red?

Get the AAA pokedex app at the app store it is only four bucks and it shows every pokemon where to find them and what moves they can learn and at what level that can learn it at

What moves does growlithe learn in Pokemon fire red?

moves like bite, flame wheel, flamethrower lvl 50, take down

Do your Pokemon gain moves in day care in original red and blue?

If they are not level 100, they have the ability to level up and learn moves that you don't want your Pokemon to know. My advice is that you keep your Pokemon with you. You can keep a Ditto in there if you want because Ditto cannot learn any other moves beside Transform.