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Arieal ace, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, and Crunch.

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Q: What moves does gary's Tyranitar know in fire red?
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What moves does Blue's Tyranitar know?

Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Slide, Aerial Ace.

Do you get a ban if you go on garys account on cp?

i don't really know but i think you get banned

What is the best moves of Charizard in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I Don't know for sure. But moves are: Fire Blast, Earthquake, Wing Attack and Flamethrower.

Will Pokemon learn new moves in daycare in fire red?

yes but you don't know what moves the day care lady will change

How do you unlock Garys room on club penguin?

I don't know what you're talking about. Be more specific.

What moves does Ash's Gliscor know?

X-scissor Steel Wing Fire Fang

How do get to the last gym leader in black?

OK you have to get a strong pokemon with ice moves or know dragon moves but dont use elec or fire moves hope this helps

How do you beat Garys secret mission on clubpenguin?

First you have to go to the sport shop you already be there and then...... I dont know

What moves does flint's rapidash know in Pokemon league?

all i know is it knows sunny day and solarbeam and maybe fire blast

What moves does Lapras have when you get it at Silph co fire red?

body slam perish song thats all i know

Can tyranitar learn outrage?

not unless you use action replay, but no, outrage is not learnable by tyranitar, i know cuz i have one in my group. ;) He can through breeding.

What moves should Snorlax know in fire red?

rest, sleep talk, earthquake, body slam/double-edge