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It doesn't learn any. Be careful. Not sure about tms though. I have a lament my self and don't want to learn it the hard way


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Q: What moves does chandelure learn after you evolve it?
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Does chandelure evolve in Pokemon White?

Chandelure cannot evolve.

Which Pokemon need a leaf stone to evolve?

Evee is the most common. She can use any stone to evolve. Keep in mind that when you evolve a Pokemon it doesn't learn moves quickly, but if you keep it from evolving it will learn moves faster. You can, however, make it learn moves fast then evolve it, or evolve it then make it use TMs.

When does arcanine learn flamethrower?

He cant learn any moves after you evolve him from growlithe with a firestone. -Wirets Edit- You are wrong, Arcanine can learn moves after you evolve it. At level 33 it can learn Extreme speed.

How do you get chandelure in POkemon light platinum?

you will get it by using zebstrika to trade a lampent with a girl in flamerny city,after you trade it will evolve to chandelure

What Pokemon does a dusk stone evolve in Pokemon black?

Lampent to Chandelure.

What moves can munchlax learn before evolving?

He can learn many but he can learn moves like giga impact and hyper beam when he evolves. So if you want good moves evolve him!

What moves does Raichu learn in firered?

It doesn't. Pikachu learns all the moves when you evolve it it will stop learning moves.

When does glameow learn new moves?

check and click on pokédex, you will see on what lvl Pokemon evolve, learn moves etc.

When should panpour use water stone to evolve?

at level 43 because at that level its gonna learn the last move that it can learn and when u evolve it there are no moves that it can learn

What moves does raichu learn?

It doesn't learn moves you need to teach pikachu the best moves (thunderbolt,thunder,slam,quick attack) Then evolve pikachu into raichu.

What moves can lombre learn?

it can learn a range of different moves it's best one is hydro pump and to evolve it into a ludiclolo you will need a water stone.

Do Pokemon evolve in the daycare center in Pokemon white?

No, but they can learn new moves