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- Wrap

- Leer

8 Thunder Wave

15 Twister

22 Dragon Rage

29 Slam

38 Agility

47 Safeguard

55 Wing Attack

61 Outrage

75 Hyper Beam

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Q: What moves does Dragonite learn in Pokemon firered?
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List all moves for Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go toémon) It has a list of all the moves Dragonite can learn in every generation.

In Pokemon FireRed what moves do Pokemon learn?

It depends... a Fire Pokemon learns a lot of burning moves, the water pokemons, water moves...

What moves does nidorino learn in Pokemon FireRed?

Check the related links.

What moves can Bulbasaur learn in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

Bulbasaur can learn any move he can learn in Pokemon leafgreen/ firered.

What level does riachu learn spark in Pokemon FireRed?

it doesnt, it can't learn moves cause its evolved with a stone.

Which is better in Pokemon FireRed ferrow or farfetched?

I think that a farfetch is better because they are extremely rare in firered and it will learn better moves

What all moves does Raichu learn in Pokemon firered?

- Thundershock - Tailwhip - Quick Attack - Thunderbolt

Does Suicune learn any moves FireRed?

yes later on when it levels it can also learn surf as it is a water type pokemon

What Pokemon should you use against elite four FireRed?

I would take: Machamp Your starter A gengar with dark type moves Pidgeot of however you spell that Alakazam and Dragonite

What moves does blubasaur learn in FireRed?

It is one of the starter pokemon. If you have chosen a different starter, then you can't catch bulbasaur.

What levels does nidoking learn moves in Pokemon firered?

It learns Thrash at level 22 and Megahorn at level 43.

What is the best hm slave for FireRed?

Well not every Pokemon can learn all the hm moves, try tropius.