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fire blast fire wheel odor leuth take down and any other.

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Q: What moves does Arcanine learn in Pokemon firered?
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What moves can Arcanine learn in Pokemon fire red?

Fire type moves

In Pokemon FireRed If Growlithe evolves at lv 49 will Arcanine as its evolved form learn Extremespeed?

no because they learn moves on diffrent levels so you would ethier have to keep the growlithe and hope it learns it soon or get the arcanine and wait to learn it hope i helped

Why doesn't Arcanine learn attacks?

he doesnt learn any moves because he evolves with the use of a stone. if you look most Pokemon that evolve that way do not learn many moves

In Pokemon FireRed what moves do Pokemon learn?

It depends... a Fire Pokemon learns a lot of burning moves, the water pokemons, water moves...

What moves does nidorino learn in Pokemon FireRed?

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Is Charizard the strongest fire type Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

There really isn't a strongest. For that all depends on the stats, level, and of course moves. Charizard is a good fire pokemon, but so is Arcanine!

What moves can Bulbasaur learn in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

Bulbasaur can learn any move he can learn in Pokemon leafgreen/ firered.

When does arcanine learn flamethrower?

He cant learn any moves after you evolve him from growlithe with a firestone. -Wirets Edit- You are wrong, Arcanine can learn moves after you evolve it. At level 33 it can learn Extreme speed.

What level does riachu learn spark in Pokemon FireRed?

it doesnt, it can't learn moves cause its evolved with a stone.

Which is better in Pokemon FireRed ferrow or farfetched?

I think that a farfetch is better because they are extremely rare in firered and it will learn better moves

What all moves does Raichu learn in Pokemon firered?

- Thundershock - Tailwhip - Quick Attack - Thunderbolt

Does Suicune learn any moves FireRed?

yes later on when it levels it can also learn surf as it is a water type pokemon