What moves can Dragonite learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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wrap, leer, thunder wave, twister, dragon wave, slam, agility, aqua tail, dragon rush, safe guard, dragon dance, wing attack, outrage, hyper beam, roost, fire punch, thunder punch, flamethrower. HM's fly, surf, waterfall, defog, cut, strength, and rock smash. can't learn rock climb:( bummer

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Q: What moves can Dragonite learn?
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Does Dragonite learn outrage?

yes, it is one of the last moves it learns.

What Moves Does Dragonite Learn?

He evOlves into a dragonite at level 55 he doesnt learn much but here it is lvl55 wing attack lvl61 outrage lvl 75 hyper beam and plenty of TM moves that he learns

List all moves for Dragonite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Go toémon) It has a list of all the moves Dragonite can learn in every generation.

What rock or ground moves can Dragonite learn?

Earthquake rockslide stone edge

Will the offspring of a female Dragonite and Ditto learn good moves?

No. But u can have a male dragonite and breed with ditto. P.S. Give the farther Draco meteor.

Can dragonite learn hydro pump?

No, Dragonite cannot learn Hydro Pump.

What moves does Dratini learn?

dratini can learn moves like wing attack the coolest attack he has is when he is a dragonite then it learns hyper beam in Pokemon heartgold/soulsilver, its possible to make dratini learn fly WITHOUT an action replay or hacking. just get a salamance that knows fly and a dragonite and breed them. if you are lucky, you will hatch a dratini that knows fly lol

Can dragonite learn icebeam?

Dragonite can indeed learn ice beam, so yes.

What Good moves you should teach my Pokémon in LG i have Tyranitar 59 dragonite 59 Charizard 68 mewtwo 74 Zapdos 65 Articuno 55 MOVES and where can i find it . and level they can learn it..?

dragonite and tyranitar are 61 now and all are level 1 added

Can Dragonite learn sky attack?

No, there is no way through training, tutoring or breeding to make Dragonite learn sky attack.

Can Dragonite learn giga impact?

Almost All Pokemons In The 3rd Or 2nd Forms Can Learn Giga Impact so Can Dragonite

When does Dragonite learn outrage in Pokemon fire red?

dragonite learns it at level 61