Can Dragonite learn sky attack

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, there is no way through training, tutoring or breeding to make Dragonite learn sky attack.

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Q: Can Dragonite learn sky attack
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When level Pigeot learn sky attack?

Pigeot does not learn sky attack at all.

What level does gliscor learn sky attack?

Gliscor can't learn sky attack

What level does pidgeot learn sky attack?

Pidgeot can only learn Sky Attack from a move tutor.

When Crobat learn sky attack?

never it never learns sky attack

When does fearow learn sky attack?

he learns sky attack at level 70

When does Articuno learn sky attack?

Articuno is not able to learn the move Sky Attack. It can only be taught Sky Attack with the TM 43 in Pokemon Red and Blue. Sky Attack is no longer TM 46 in later games so it's impossible for Articuno to learn Sky Attack outside of Pokemon Red and Blue.

Can Xatu learn Sky Attack?

Yes Xatu can learn Sky Attack, but only by using a TM or talking to the move tutor. Xatu must be taught Sky Attack, it will not learn it by leveling up. I hope this helps you.

What level does your togekiss have to be to learn Sky Attack?

Sky Attack is one of the starter moves of Togekiss,

What Moves Does Dragonite Learn?

He evOlves into a dragonite at level 55 he doesnt learn much but here it is lvl55 wing attack lvl61 outrage lvl 75 hyper beam and plenty of TM moves that he learns

When does altaria learn sky attack?


Can dragonite learn hydro pump?

No, Dragonite cannot learn Hydro Pump.

Can dragonite learn icebeam?

Dragonite can indeed learn ice beam, so yes.