What moves can Cubone learn?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Normal moves it can learn lvl3 tail whip lvl7 bone club lvl 11 headbutt lvl 13 leer lvl 17 focus energy lvl 21 bonemerang lvl 23 rage lvl 27 false swipe lvl 31 thrash lvl 33 fling lvl 37 bone rush lvl 41 endeavor lvl 43 double edge


Focus punch, toxic, hidden power, sunny day, ice beam. return, blizzard, protect, frustration, iron tail, earthquake, dig, brick break, double team, flamethrower, sandstorm, fire blast, rock tomb, aerial ace, facade, secret power, rest, attract, thief, false swipe, fling, endure, Swords dance,stealth rock, captivate, rock slide, sleep talk, natural gift, swagger, substitute, strength, rock smash, and rock climb

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Q: What moves can Cubone learn?
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Is Cubone good on blue rescue team?

Cubone is very good but doesnt learn good moves for a while. Pikachu is the best partner as it is effective against water and flying which are very effective against cubone.

What is the best moves for cubone?

I think the best moves for a Cubone are Bone Rush, Bonemerang, and Bone Club.

What Pokemon can learn fissure?

Cubone can,

What moves can marowak learn?

Maroway is a Pokemon of the ground-type, it's an evolution of the Pokemon Cubone when it reaches the level 28. Some of the moves it can learn are Growl, Bone Club, Focus Energy, Bonemerang, Fing, Bone Rush and Double Edge.

What level does Cubone learn boomerang in Pokemon fire red?


Can Cubone learn TM roar in red rescue team?

no he can't

Which Pokemon can learn Headbutt in Pokemon HeartGold?

I don't know all of the Pokemon that can learn Headbutt, but I know that Cubone can learn it.

What moves do Cubone learn on Pokemon Blue Rescue Team?

Charmander can learn the following moves:Level UpScratchGrowlEmberMetal ClawSmokescreenRageScary FaceFlamethrowerSlashDragon RageFire SpinTM MovesFocus PunchProtectDigAerial AceAttractDragon ClawFrustrationBrick BreakFacadeOverheatToxicIron TailFlamethrowerSecret PowerHidden PowerReturnFire BlastRestWide SlashVacuum-CutStrengthRock SmashCut

What attacks does Cubone learn in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red?

You can find all the Pokemon and their stats here: <A href=""></A> Search in Ctrl F for cubone. It will tell you a lot about him including the moves he learns at certain levels and the ones he can learn with TMs and a bunch more information. .

Where can you find Cubone in Pokemon platinum?

Cubone is a swarm Pokemon that you can learn what route it is one by going to Lucas's little sister in Sandgem in the southeast house. There is one swarm a day and its different each day.

Is cubone a baby kangaskhan?

No, Cubone is not a baby Kangaskhan. A Cubone has no relation to Kangaskhan.

What moves can exeggcute learn?

it can learn Grass and Psychic moves