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You have to be either a free Basic Member or a paid Moshi Member on Moshi Monsters to get moshlings.

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Q: What moshlings can you get as a non member on Moshi Monsters?
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If you are not a member on moshi monsters can you get more than two moshlings?

If you are not a member (Basic Member/non-member) on Moshi Monsters, you can attract more that two moshlings but you may only keep two moshlings in your room and one in your garden.

How many moshlings can a nonmember have on Moshi Monsters?

Non-members can not get moshlings. You have to be either a free Basic Member or a paid Moshi Member to get moshlings on Moshi Monsters. If you are a Basic Member (free) you may only have two moshlings in your house. If you are a Moshi Member (paid), you may have an unlimited amount of moshlings in your house and moshling zoo.

Can you get more than 2 moshlings on Moshi Monsters if you are a non member?

No, non-members can not have any Moshlings. You must have either a free Basic Membership, where you can have 2 moshlings, or a paid Moshi Membership, where you can have unlimited moshlings.

Can you get the same moshlings twice?

Yes, you can but if you are a non-member you can only get two moshlings, no matter what kind. Friend me on moshi monsters musicfrenzgirl179.

How many moshilings can a nonmember have?

A non member can have two moshlings, add me on moshi monsters my name is sammilebeg

How do you get more then three moslings on moshimonsters?

You have to become a Moshi Monsters Member (Pay for Membership) to get 3 Moshlings. You can only have 2 Moshlings when you are a non-member. Hope this helps :)

What two moshlings can you get when your a non member on moshi monsters?

Well, I do know that you can get Squidge, Stanley, you know all of the common Moshlings. Non- members can also get some uncommon Moshlings and only some rare Moshlings.

What moshlings can non members catch on moshi monsters?

Non members can catch a lot of moshlings.

How do you catch more than two moshlings in moshi monsters?

If you are a non-member then you can only catch and keep 2 Moshlings at any one time.

If you aren't a member on moshi monsters can you sill collect moshlings?

yes you can. but as a non-member you can only get 2 moshlings. just plant some flowers and try and catch a moshling

Are the shiny moshlings more rare than the non-shiny moshlings - moshi monsters?


How many moshlings can you have on Moshi Monsters?

According to the Moshi Monsters FAQ, non-members (free Basic members) can have 500 friends. Any unanswered friend requests also count as part of that total. Moshi Members (paid) may have unlimited friends.