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If you have the Trashy Tulip, you can use the red moon orchid and the blue magic beans to get Dustbin Beaver, but there are no current moshlings which specifically use the red moon orchid, blue magic beans and another plant in their plant combination.

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Q: What moshling needs a red moon and blue magic beans and something else?
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What moshling needs 2 blue Magic Beans on Moshi Monsters?

012 Shelly the Nattering Nutling [Nutties] any 3 Magic Beans047 Sooki-Yaki the Caped Assassin [Ninjas] Red Magic Beans, any Magic Beans, any Hot Silly Pepper Sooki-Yaki was hatched from an egg for Twistmas 2012.062 Rooby the Plucky Puncharoo [Sporties] any Star Blossom, Blue Magic Beans, Blue Magic Beans

What moshling needs 2 Star Blossoms and a Magic Bean on Moshi Monsters?

027 Kissy the Baby Ghost [Spookies] any Star Blossom, any Magic Beans, Purple Star Blossom

Is Fumble an ultra rare moshling?

No, if the moshling needs 3 correct colors, it is ultra rare. If it needs two colors, it is rare, one color it is uncommon and no colors needed the moshling is common. Fumble needs two correct colors, so Fumble is Rare. 053 Fumble the Acrobatic Sea Star [Fishie] any Star Blossom, Yellow Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berries

What rare moshling needs a red moon orchard and a yellow crazy daisy on moshi monsters?

pooky is the only moshling i know of that has that flower to get pooky use a red orchard,1 red magic bean and 1 purple magic bean

What mosh ling code needs 1 crazy daisy and 2 magic beans?

no moshlings

Which moshling needs a pink apple and PINK star?

No moshling needs pink apple and pink star!:)

What flowers attract peppy the penguin the moshling?

peppy needs : any star blossom, red star blossom, and a yellow magic bean :D have fun trying to get her.

How do you catch the fumble on moshi monsters?

to catch fumble you need to plant a star blossom a magic beans and a love berries in that order the star blossom can be any colour you wish the magic beans needs to be yellow and same for the love berries ADD ME ON MOSHIMONSTERS: diva5930

What moshling needs a black silly pepper and a yellow magic bean?

none but the Sooki-Yaki (Ninja Cat) >> Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic, Pooky (dinosaur) >> Black Magic + Purple Magic + Pink Moon /OR/ Black Magic + Yellow Magic + Blue Magic, Peppy Penguin (penguin) >> Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic and more but that's all i can think of

Which uncommon moshling needs a yellow magic bean?

there is no one what needs yellow magic bean because moshi monster is a spoof because you are being ripped off for a moshi member i had to pay 100 pound because they just take your money from your accout my frenid had to pay 200 pound that is what ripped off

Which plants do you plant to get a uncommon moshling?

well that depends on which moshling your talking about here are the uncommons: blurp dipsy doris pooky sooky yaki shelby rocky priscilla mc nulty lady meowford and kissy to catch these for blurp you need a love berry a moon orchid and a pink lov berry for dipsy you need a moon orchid a love berry and a yellow moon orchid for doris you need a black moon orchid and to other moon orchids for pooky you need purple magic beans a magic bean and q moon orchid sooky yaki needs a red magic bean a magic ban and a hot silly pepper Shelby needs a black dragon fruit another dragon fruit and a magic bean rocky needs a pink crazy daisy a love berry and a hot silly pepper for Priscilla you need 2 moon orchids and a yellow snap apple for mcnulty you need 2 snap apples and a purple star blossom for lady meowford you need a moon orchid blue moon orchid and a star blossom kissy needs a magic bean a purple star blossom and a star blossom

Who needs beans?

i do