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None, because you have to scout the gigantes. Gigantes is a Rank A monster so be careful on scouting! I have scouted the Gigantes once with only 24%! So you can only scout it.

you can synthesize a silvapithecus with something like a drakularge but its far easier to scout (infant isle daytime)

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Q: What monsters on dqm make a gigantes?
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How do you synthesize a boss troll on dqm?

Gigantes and Buffalaogre

How to get a level s in dqm?

easiest is probably atlas, synth gigantes with moosifier

What is gigantes hp on dqm?

A Lvl 100 Gigantes HP is 2967 ATK 2159 Def 1795 Agility 963 Wis 901

In dqm how do you get the gigantes appear?

infant isle day time, he's there about every 1 out of 3 times

How do you make a Atlas on dqm joker?

1.moosifer + gigantes=atlas (to get gigantes a rank A,s or x or boss troll with some 1 in the beast family = gigantes) (im not sure how 2 get a moosifer i geuss its buffalogre + mahawker) 2.boss troll + gigantes = atlas (this is how u get boss troll buffalogre + gigantes that's how i got my atlas and boss troll and gigantes im just gonna find out how 2 get a moosifer and i will put it on here for every1)

How do you get a Drakularge in Dqm?

just get a dragon based monster and fuse it with other monsters but make sure you fuse them into dragon based monsters

How do you synthesize a boss troll in dqm joker?

Gigantes+Buffalogre I used them for ++ attack mine had 100 at lvl 1 =D

In dqm how do you synthesize four monsters?

Have 2 monsters (+) and 2 other monsters (-) the synthesis each monster with each other.

How do you make a Pikachu in dqm joker?

sadly you can't you can i Pokemon not DQM Joker 8(

What monsters do you need to synthesize the missing lynx on dqm 2?

You must scout it. You can't synthesize it!

What monsters do you need to snythesise a gigantese on Dragon quest monsters joker?

Silvapithecus & Drakularge or just scout one on infant isle p.s. it is gigantes

What is the highest rank for DQM monsters?

rank x No way. I heard that there is a rank infinidy. actually the incarnus has ??? rank