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I used them for ++ attack mine had 100 at lvl 1 =D

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Q: How do you synthesize a boss troll in dqm joker?
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How do you synthesize a boss troll on dqm?

Gigantes and Buffalaogre

What montsers do you synthesize to get a metal dragon in dqm joker?

fuse a green dragon with a metal slime

How do you make night clubber dqm?

mix [synthesise] a boss troll with a frou frou

How do you make a Atlas on dqm joker?

1.moosifer + gigantes=atlas (to get gigantes a rank A,s or x or boss troll with some 1 in the beast family = gigantes) (im not sure how 2 get a moosifer i geuss its buffalogre + mahawker) 2.boss troll + gigantes = atlas (this is how u get boss troll buffalogre + gigantes that's how i got my atlas and boss troll and gigantes im just gonna find out how 2 get a moosifer and i will put it on here for every1)

What do you synthesize to get a king slime on DQM joker?

You synthesise a Behemoth slime and a behemoth slime (found on the she slime and slime uncharted island) Or you can synthesize 4 slimes together.

How do you make a Pikachu in dqm joker?

sadly you can't you can i Pokemon not DQM Joker 8(

How do you get boss troll in dqm?

You can find him in Fert Isle. Once your in a certain cave, go RIGHT and you will find him. If he is defeated and not successfully scouted, he can't reappear, so instead synthesize an Gigantes and if I got it right, a Buffalorge. Hope I helped!

How do you get cannibox on dqm?

you just synthesize 2 goodybags

What monsters do you need to synthesize the missing lynx on dqm 2?

You must scout it. You can't synthesize it!

Is there any action replay codes for dqm joker?


How do you get a malroth in dqm joker?

synthesise living statue and demon at arms

How do you get a Rhapthorne in DQM?

synthesize dhoulmagus(alabast dragon + psaro) with nimzo(draculard +malroth)