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Dragon pickaxes are dropped by chaos dwogres, chaos dwarf hand cannoneers, and chaos dwarves at the Chaos Dwarf Battlefield. The quest Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf must be completed to access the battlefield.

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Q: What monster drop the dragon pickaxe in runescape?
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Do level 128 ghosts in the wilderness drop dragon full helms on runescape?

No, level 128 ghosts that are in the RuneScape wilderness will not drop Dragon Full Helms. The only RuneScape monster that drops the Dragon Full Helm is the Mithril Dragon which has a combat level of 178 and drops the helm as a "very rare" drop.

What is the lowest level monster in runescape to drop dragon items?

King black dragons level one in the wilderness 47

In runescape what monster gives you a corrupt dragon scimitar?

Their is no monster that drops one but if you kill another player in the pk worlds sometimes they will give you a scimmy drop if your lucky enough.

What is the best drop you can get in free worlds on RuneScape?

The most expensive drop you can get on runescape is the corrupt dragon battleaxe at 3.9m

How do you get a dragon dagger on Runescape?

You can get one by: 1) buying it from a shop in Zanaris 2) buying it from the Grand Exchange or trading with another player or 3) as a rare monster drop

Where do you get a saw in RuneScape?

i think you can get it in the digsite or u can get it via a monster drop.

What monster drop dragon boots?

spiritual mages

How do you get ten mill in RuneScape?

There is a lot of ways of getting 10 million coins or items worth more then 10 million coins on runescape. One way of making money is skilling like fishing shark or woodcutting magic logs or yews. You can also go fight monster in God of war dungeon to get goot loots like Hilts and god armor. If you want a easier target then try killing chaos dwarf. They drop the dragon pickaxe with a drop rate of 1:1000, 1:2000, and 1:2500.

Were in RuneScape can you get monster drops?

Monsters drop them. As a general rule, higher level monsters drop better things.

Where are tormented demons on runescape?

The Demons that are known to drop Dragon Platebody Parts.

Do cockroach soldiers drop dragon scimitars?

No they do not drop dragon scimatars because even a rune scimitar is considered a rare drop from a cockarach monster and dragon scimitars are "MEMBERS ONLY" item.

What monster on runescape drop saradomin sword?

Obtained as a drop from Commander Zilyana in the Saradomin Encampment of the God Wars Dungeon.