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Most surveying instruments are mounted on a tripod with a flat surface on top. A tilting level tripod has a curved surface on top. The tripod does not need the precise set up procedure because the tilting level can be shifted up or down along the top of the curved tripod head until the levels own level vial is horizontal and then measurements can be made.

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Q: What means of the dumpy level and tilting level?
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Differences between dumpy and tilting level?

in dumpy level the line of sight is perpendicular to vertical axis.But in tilting level the line of sight need not be perpendicular to vertical axis .the instrument is roughly leveled in a tripod stand with respect to bubble tube & thus making the instrument approximately vertical...then it is tilted with a finely pitched tilting screw which tilts the telescope wrt to has advantage that due to tilting levelling can be done quickly and accurately!!

Difference between auto level and tilting level?

In the auto level, no adjustment for staff reading is required as the actual reading is seen from the eyepiece. In the dumpy level, to level the bubble, one has to keep the bubble parallel to two leveling screws and then right angle to the third screw. ... The line of sight is manually adjusted in the dumpy level.

How do you level a dumpy level?

it is a spirit level

What is the advantage of auto level than dumpy level?

The auto level makes it easier to do the work. Using the dumpy level requires you to put in all of the work.

How do you do temporary adjustment of dumpy level?

It as 3 following steps to adjust the dumpy level 1.SETTING 2.LEVELLING.3FOCUSING

What is advantages and disadvantages of dumpy level?

One advantage of the dumpy level is that it is extremely mobile. A disadvantage is the difficult in using and making accurate measurements.

What level do you use to shoot a datum?


What is the difference between a theodolite and a dumpy level?

In dumpy level we can check only horizontal angles whereas in theodolite we can check vertical angles also.

Why is dumpy level known as dumpy level?

It is named so because of the shorter telescope it uses and also because in the original dumpy level the eye piece was an inverting lens such that it gave a shorter view for the same power of lens compared to wye level.

What are parts and functions of a dumpy level?

You can find all of these parts by looking up the diagram of a dumpy. They are available with a simple image search.

What are the fundamental axes of dumpy level?

i honestly dont know

How do you use dumpy level to find the relative heights?

Dumpy level provides a horizontal line (parallel to earth's curvature); you can read the scale by holding it normal to the ground level. Take separate readings for separate points then compare them