What material is a PS3 made of?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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plastic electricicity coal copper

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Q: What material is a PS3 made of?
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PS3 is made by who?

PS3 is made by Sony Corporation


Sony was the inventor of the PS3.

Who made the PS3 game console?

The PS3 is made bu the Sony Corporation

Where is a PS3 manufactured?

The original ps3 was made in Japan.

What year was the PS3 made?

the ps3 was released in 2006

Which company made the PS3?

sony its called the sony ps3

What to do if your PS3 explodes?

It does not contain explosive material so call the police

Who made the ps3 and where it made?

Sony and china

Why was the PS3 made?

It was made for entertainment purposes.

What made PS3?

sony did

Ps3 made out of?


When was PS3 made?