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Maps 27 and 28 after defeating the Kanto gyms and elite 4, like it says on the Pokedex underneath the Pokemon tab!


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Q: What map do you find mew in in delugerpg?
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How you can find mew in map?

you cant you have to find him

Where do you find Mew in Pokemon lake?

on map 1

What map can you find Mewtwo in delugeRPG?

found on Maps 27 and 28 after defeating the Kanto gyms and elite 4 like it says on the Pokedex under the Pokemon tab.

Where can you find mew in pokemondeluge?

in tall grass somewhere around 12 map

Were do find mew in a event?

you get mew on faraway island from the old sea map at an old Nintendo event. now a days you have to get it from a gameshark.

Where do you find legendaries in delugerpg?

You must defeat all gyms and elite fours. If you have already done so, check the pokedex under the pokemon tab for specific map locations!

How do you catch mew in paerl?

You can't catch Mew in Pearl unless you have special map (you can find it at Nitendo events). Mew is located at Faraway Island. If you don't want to take the map from events, you can always cheat with Gameshark. . Greetings, -croman

Are there any cheats for the website delugerpg?

why not... check out this in youtube just type 'delugerpg cheats'

Where can you find a Mew Mew power costume?

you can find a mew mew power costume on ebay.

How do get a mew on emerald?

You get mew on faraway island by getting the Old Sea Map. Hope this helped!:)

How can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Deluge?

after you beat gyms elite4s look in the grass in map12

How do you find the mew mew ichigo outfit?

you can find mew ichigo/zoey mew lettuce/bridget mew pudding/kiki mew zachruo/renee and mew mint/corina on ebay!