What makes luvdisc evolve?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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luvdisc does not evolve

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Q: What makes luvdisc evolve?
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What level does Luvdisc evolve?

luvdisc doesn't evolve

How does luvdisc evolve in soul silver?

Luvdisc does not evolve from, or into anything.

How do you evolve luvdisc in Pokemon platinum?

Luvdisc doesn't evolve.

Can luvdisc evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

no luvdisc can't evolve in diamond

Does ludvisc evolve?

Luvdisc does not evolve.

How do you evolve a luvdisc?

It does not evolve

What level does a luvdisc evolve?

I dont think that luvdisk evolve's there have been rumors that it does evolve but those rumors are fake

Can luvdisc evolve in diamond?


How does luvdisc evolve on Pokemon Black?

Luvdisc doesn't evolve in Pokémon Black because it is not capable of doing so.

What does luvdisc evolve to?

nothing ......yet

What does luvdisc evolve into?

It doesn't evelolve.

Does luvdisc evolve?

no but he/her holds a heart scale