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In Pokémon Blue, the moves that Nidoking can know are Horn Attack, Tackle, Thrash, Poison Sting, Double Kick, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Horn Drill, Toxic, Take Down, Body Slam, Double-Edge, BubbleBeam, Water Gun, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Pay Day, Hyper Beam, Submission, Counteer, Rage, Seismic Toss, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Fissure, Earthquake, Mimic, Double Team, Bide, Reflect, Skull Bash, Fire Blast, Rest, Rock Slide and Substitute.

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Q: What levels does nidoking learn moves in Pokemon Blue?
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What levels does nidoking learn moves in Pokemon firered?

It learns Thrash at level 22 and Megahorn at level 43.

In Pokemon fire red what moves does nidoking learn?

It learns that Pokemon are corny, and decides to become a transformer.

Does nidoking learn any moves after evolution?


Pokemon fire red what moves does nidoking learn?

Lots. Earthquake, horn drill, mega kick etc...

When you migrate a Pokemon can you teach it moves it couldn't learn before?

Yes for example if you transfer a Nidoking to diamond, pearl or platinum now its able to learn Earth power!

What are all the moves that mega-raptor can learn and at what levels on dinosaur king?

this is not a Pokemon question

What moves can nidoking learn in Pokemon Yellow?

In Pokémon Yellow, the moves that Nidoking is capable of learning in the game is Tackle, Horn Attack, Poison Sting and Thrash which it will only know in the event of already knowing it and it will also learn Horn Attack at Level 8, Double Kick at Level 12 and Thrash at Level 23.

What moves can you teach nidoking in Pokemon platinum?

See the Related Link for all the data.

Does Suicune learn any moves FireRed?

yes later on when it levels it can also learn surf as it is a water type pokemon

Will a Pokemon learn the same moves as to evolving and learning them that way?

It depends on the Pokemon. Most evolutionary forms will learn the same moves as their pre-evolutions, only at later levels, but some pre-evolutionary forms learn moves that their evolutions don't. This happens with some Pokemon that evolve by evolution stone, where their evolutions don't learn new moves.

What moves do Dialga learn and at what levels?

if it was Pokemon platinum dialege leans arua sphere at level 92

What is a good way to gain exp in Pokemon?

As Pokemon battle, they gain experience. With enought experience, they will gain levels, which helps them learn moves.