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level 100 or he will own you instantly if you have a grass type your dead

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Q: What level should your Pokemon be in Pokemon Heart gold after you defeat the first gym leader?
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What is the best team of Pokemon and what level should they be to defeat the last gym leader in Pokemon Heart Gold?

lugia, latios, and umbreon

Who do you battle on Pokemon heart gold to get rid of the workers south of fuchsia city?

just defeat blue, the 8th gym leader

How do you beat the ecruteak gym leader heart gold?

First, you must have a good set of Pokemon. You cannot defeat him with normal type moves. If you have dark type moves, then it will be easy, but basically any Pokemon that isn't normal type should do well against the gym leader if they are at a high level.

How do you unlock pokeathlon dome?

On Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold, you have to defeat the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, Whitney, and then she tells you that the construction for the Pokeathlon Dome is complete.

Pokemon heart who is the 6th Kanto gym leader?

gem leader blue

On Pokemon heart gold where does red go after you defeat him?

he goes to sinnoh

Why cant I go to the last gym leader on Pokemon heart gold?

Go to the radio tower in Goldenrod and defeat Team Rocket (remember to go to the underground photo shop first).

Were do you find rock climb in Pokemon heart gold?

Prof. Oak gives it to you after you defeat all the Gym Leaders. If he still doesn't give it to you, defeat the Elite Four and then ask him. It should work.

Can you unlock anything by defeating the Pokemon league in Pokemon heart gold?

yes after you beat them you can defeat ash, his Pokemon are level 80, after you defeat him then you can go to a whole another region! Johto

In Pokemon Heart Gold if you defeat Mewtwo can you battle him again?

Just defeat the elite 4 again and he will return.Hope it works.

How do you defeat bugsy in Pokemon heart gold and soul silver?

you probably get fire type

Where is the 5th gym leader in Pokemon heart gold?

ecruteak city