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Learn Lugia Aeroblast


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Q: What level learn aeroblast to Lugia?
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At what level does Lugia learn aeroblast?

Lugia learns Aeroblast at level 85.

Pokemon platinum what level does Lugia learn aeroblast?

lugia learns aeroblast at lv89 or lv90

Which Pokemon can learn aeroblast?

The only Pokémon that is listed as learning aeroblast is Lugia. It learns this move when it reaches level 77.

Can lugia learn aeroblast on Pokemon Crystal?

Yes just level it up to bout lvl 77

What is the best attack lugia can learn in soul silver?


Can pidgeot learn aeroblast?

Pidgeot cannot learn aerobalst, only Lugia can.

What are all the Pokemon that can learn the move aeroblast naturally?

Lugia.. that's it

Is Lugia the only Pokemon that can learn Aeroblast?

Yes. One could say that is its signature move.

Why is my Lugia learned swift at lvl 77 instead of aeroblast?

It will only learn Aeroblast at lv. 77 in the Advanced Generations (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Pearl and Diamond). In Gold and Crystal, Lugia will not be able to learn Aeroblast. Likewise in Silver and Crystal, Ho-oh will not be able to learn Sacred Fire. You have to trade them to Pokemon Stadium 2 and have them re-learn it there.

What is Lugia's special move?

Lugia's Special Move is Aeroblast. It already has this when you capture it.

What level does Togekiss learn aeroblast on Pokemon platinum?

i dont think togepi can learn aeroblast, but if it uses metronome it might randomly choose that move and use it

Who is the Pokémon learned aeroblastin Pokémon crystal?

Lugia is the only one to learn it naturally, but Smeargle can also learn it by using Sketch immediately after it was hit by Aeroblast.