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40s and 50s

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Q: What level is the elite four at in Pokemon platinum?
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Suggested levels for elite four in platinum?

I would suggest having your whole team above level 50 so you have a chance to beat the Elite Four. I think the Elite Four Pokemon are at level 50-60, so well trained level 50 Pokemon will be good for the elite four.

Which is the best way to level up lv85 Pokemon in soul silver or platinum?

red or the elite four if you beat red the elite four Pokemon will be jacked up or red again after you beat the elite four his Pokemon are the same levels as before

Who are the elite four on platinum?

they are in the Pokemon league.

What is E4 in Pokemon platinum?

The Elite Four

How do you level up your Pokemon faster in Pokemon Platinum?

what i do to lvl up Pokemon is give experience share to a Pokemon tht i want to level up and battle the whole elite four over and over and over again.if u cant access the elite four i would use vs seeker alot and battle.(if its possible in Pokemon platinum)

What rare Pokemon's can you get before the elite 4 in Pokemon Platinum?

The rare Pokemon which you can get before the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum are Giratina, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

Where is the elite four Pokemon platinum how do you find one of them?

Pokemon league.

What trainer has a Scizor in Pokemon Platinum?

On platinum Elite Four Aaron has a level 49 the first time and 65 the second time.Hope this helps BROS.

Pokemon Platinum who is the last person in the elite 4?

The last person of the Elite Four in Pokemon Platinum is Lucian, the master of Psychic-type Pokemon. After him is Cynthia, the Champion.

Who has dusknoir in Pokemon platinum?

I think its Bertha of the Elite four.

How do you get into the Pokemon platinum hall of fame?

you beat the elite four

Where do you get psychic in Pokemon platinum?

Behind the ELite FOur place.