What level does pidgey learn fly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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fly is an hm. no Pokemon learns it by lvling up. except rayquaza

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Fly is not a level move for Pidgey. Rather, you have to teach it Fly by using the Fly HM.

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Q: What level does pidgey learn fly?
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What are pidgeys moves in Pokemon Yellow?

Pidgey's moves are gust, sand attack and quick attack. As the level grows and it evolves, it can learn more stronger moves. Pidgey can learn fly even if it's not evolved yet.

What level does pidgey learn peck?


What level does Pidgey learn sand-attack in Pokemon yellow?

Pidgey learns Sand Attack at level 5.

At what level does Pidgey learn wing attack?

Level 33

What Pokemon in fire red can learn cut and fly?

Pidgey, Pidgeotto,Pidgeot

When does pidgey learn peck?

pidgeot does not learn aerial ace but it does learn air slash on level 62

What level does a flying Pokemon have to be on to fly you places on the map?

It doesn't matter. A level 1 pidgey could fly u places

When does pidgey in Pokemon leaf green learn gust?

I think it learns it on level 9

Where do you get a level 17 Pidgey?

you can get a lv.17 pidgey by catching a pidgey and level it up to lv.17.

What level does Pidgey evolve at in Pokemon soulsilver?

Pidgey evolves at level 18.

What level does pidgey eveolve at?

pidgey evolves at lv18

What level do pidgey evolve?

Pidgey Evolves At Level 18. Soon after, at level 36 it evolves into Pidgeot.