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Monferno evolves into an Infernape at level 36.

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Q: What level does monferno evolve into Infernape in pokemon platinum?
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What lvl does monferno evolve on Pokemon platinum?

Inferno will evolve in Infernape starting in level 16. Infernape will evolve in Monferno starting in level 36.

When does monfreno evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, Monferno evolves when you reach level 36. The character it evolves into is Infernape. Monferno itself evolved from a Chimchar at Level 14.

What level does chimchar evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Chimchar evolves at Level 14 to Monferno. Monferno evolves at Level 36 to Infernape

Where can you get a Infernape on Pokemon platinum?

You have to evolve a Chimchar, which you can get at Professor Rowan's Lab at the beginning of the game. Chimchar evolves into Monferno at level 14. Monferno evolves into Infernape at level 36

What level does your Monferno evolve in Pokemon?

Monferno evolves at Level 36, into Infernape.

What level does chimcaar evolve on platinum?


What level does monferno evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Level 36 into Infernape.

What level does infernape evolve?

You can't evolve an Infernape but if you have a Monferno it evolves at Level 36.

When does monferno evolve on pokemon diamond?

Monfero should evolve into infernape around level 32.

What level will chimcahr evolve in Pokemon pearl?

level 16 to evolve into Monferno and level 36 for a Infernape

What lvl does chimchar evolve in Pokemon plaitnum?

Chimchar evolves at level 14. It evolves into Monferno. Monferno evolves into Infernape.

When does chimchar evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Chimchar evolves at level 14 to Monferno and Monferno evolves at level 43 to Infernape!!!