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Chimchar evolves at Level 14 to Monferno.

Monferno evolves at Level 36 to Infernape

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Q: What level does chimchar evolve in Pokemon platinum?
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What level does chimchar evolve in pokemon platnum?

A Chimchar evolves into Monferno at Level 14 in Pokémon Platinum.

What level does Chimchar evolve in platinum?

at level 14

When does monfreno evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, Monferno evolves when you reach level 36. The character it evolves into is Infernape. Monferno itself evolved from a Chimchar at Level 14.

Where can you get a Infernape on Pokemon platinum?

You have to evolve a Chimchar, which you can get at Professor Rowan's Lab at the beginning of the game. Chimchar evolves into Monferno at level 14. Monferno evolves into Infernape at level 36

In Pokemon platinum when does chimchar evolve?

chimchar will evolve at level 13 or 14 im most sure of level 14 truste me I have a infurnape level 100

Where do you see monferno in Pokemon platinum?

If You Picked Chimchar As Your Starter It Will Evolve Into A Monferno. If You Picked Piplup,And It Evolved Into A Prinplup Dawn/Lucas Will Have It. If You Picked Turtwig,And It Evolved Into Grotle Barry Will Have It.

In Pokemon pearl what level does chimchar evolve?

at level 14

What level does chimchar evolve at in Pokemon indigo?

in 17 level

What level does chimchar evolve in Pokemon diamond?

chimchar evolve at 14 piplup evolve at 16 turtwig is at 18but Pokemon yellow starter all level 16chin char evolves at level 16 on diomand and pearl

How do you evolve chimchar in Pokemon lake?

Raise it to level 16 or higher. Go to your Pokemon box and go on Chimchar. Click evolve and it's done.

What level does chimcaar evolve on platinum?


When does chimchar evolve in platinum?

either level 16-20 I'm not sure