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Level it up with the move Rollout as one of it's moves!

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A Lickitung evolves as soon as it knows Rollout and it learns Rollout at Level 33.

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Q: What level does lickitung evolve at?
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What level does Lickitung evolve at in firered?

Lickitung does not evolve in FireRed.

What level does lickitung evolve in white 2?

There is no specific level for lickitung to evolve. When it knows the move Rollout and it levels up, it will evolve

How does lickitung evolve?

At level 33 Lickitung learns Rollout. That move is required for it to evolve into Lickilicky, eventually at level up, it should evolve into Lickilicky.

What level does lickitung evolve in Pokemon white?

he/her should evolve at level 33

Which level does a Lickitung evolve in Pokemon black?

at level 33

What level does lickatongue evolve at?

To evolve Lickitung, you'll have to teach it Rollout, and level it up. It will then evolve into Lickilicky.

How do you evolve Lickitung?

Well all you have to do is get it to level 33, have it learn Rollout, then level it up again and it will evolve into Lickilicky.

What does lickitung evolve into in Pokemon?

Lickitung evolves into Lickilicky when it learns Rollout at level 33.

When does Lickitung evolve?

Level it up after it learns Roll out

How do you get lickilicky on Pokemon Pearl?

To get Lickilicky on Pokemon Pearl you need to catch a Lickitung to evolve into a Lickilicky. Lickitung is found at Acuity Lakefront as a swarm after you get the National Pokedex. After getting a Lickitung level it to 33 and let it learn Rollout after it learns Rollout it should evolve into Lickilicky. If it doesn't evolve into Lickilicky simply level it up to 34 and it should evolve as long as it knows the move Rollout.

How do you make licktung evolve?

Level up a Lickitung that knows the move Rollout. (Lickitung learns Rollout at Level 33.)

How do you evolve lickytung?

you evolve lickitung by raising it to level 33 then teach it rollout.