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It depends on what generation of games you are playing, but in the 4th Generation it learns Triple kick at level 19.

If you need more info you should check out a site called

Here you can find all the moves a Pokemon learns at at what level, in games from Red and Blue to Black and White.

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Q: What level does hitmontop learn triple kick?
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What level does hitmontop learn double kick in leaf green?


What Pokemon learns triple kick?


When does hitmontop learn tripple kick in gold?


What moves can hitmonlee learn and when?

In FireRed and LeafGreen, Hitmonlee learns these attacks: Level 1 Double Kick, Revenge Level 6 Meditate Levle 11 Rolling Kick Level 16 Jump Kick Level 20 Brick Break Level 21 Focus Energy Level 26 High Jump Kick Level 31 Mind Reader Level 36 Forsight Level 41 Endure Level 46 Mega Kick Level 51 Reversal

What Pokemon moves can hitmontop know?

In the Generation 2 games of Pokémon Gold, Pokémon Silver and Pokémon Crystal, Hitmon was capable of learning moves through level up such as Focus Energy, Rolling Kick, Pursuit, Rapid Spin, Quick Attack, Counter, Detect, Agility and Triple Kick and in Ruby and Sapphire it could learn Focus Energy, Revenge, Pursuit, Rolling Kick, Quick Attack, Rapid Spin, Triple Kick, Counter, Detect, Agility and Endeavor.

What level does nidoran learn double kick?

Level 12

What level does manky learn low kick in firerd?

Level 10

What level does Meditite learn Hi Jump Kick?

Meditite learns Hi Jump Kick at level 32.

When does nidoran learn double kick in Pokemon Yellow?

Level 12

What level does Blaziken learn blaze kick in Pokemon Colosseum?

lvl 36

When does blazikin learn double kick in emerald?

When Torchic evolves in to combusken

What level can chimchar learn blaze kick?

Chimchar doesn't learn blaze kick through leveling. To get a Chimchar with blaze kick, you would have to breed your female Chimchar with a male Blaziken/Hitmonlee/Lucario/Smergle that already knows blaze kick. The easiest ones would be Blaziken and Hitmonlee since they learn blaze kick while leveling.