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You have to trade the Haunter to evolve. I learned the hard way. It got to level 59 and I traded..... it evolved!

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Q: What level does haunter evolve into Gengar in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you find a Gengar in Pokemon platinum?

you cant you have to evolve haunter

Where is gengar platinum?

you have to trade a haunter and it will evolve into gengar.

When does haunter evolve into Gengar in Pokemon indigo?

You'll need to trade for a Haunter in order for it to evolve into Gengar.

If you migrate a Haunter to Pokemon Platinum will it evolve into Gengar?

No it won't Haunter only evolves when you trade across to a similar game, you have to trade it to Leaf green for it to evolve. It will migrate to Pokemon platinum and will stay as a haunter. To evolve it to a Genger on platinum, you must trade it to another platinum, diamond or pearl

What level does haunter evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Ok just stop lvling up you trade your haunter. Then it volves into gengar

Does a Pokemon evolve into Gengar?

Yes. The pokemon is Haunter. In order to evolve Haunter you will have to trade him with a friend and he will evolve. Just trade back to get Gengar.

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon diamond?

You trade haunter to get gengar.

How do you evolve haunter in Pokemon HeartGold?

Trade Haunter and you will get a Gengar.

How do you get Gengar in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To get a Gengar, you must trade a Haunter and it will then evolve into a Gengar.

How does haunter evolve on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you trade him. and he will evolve into gengar. you trade him. and he will evolve into gengar.

Does haunter evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Actually, Haunter does evolve. Its evolves into Gengar when you trade it.

Which person is willing to give you Haunter in Pokemon Platinum?

You can trade a Medicham to a woman in Snowpoint City in exchange for a Haunter. As the Haunter is holding an Everstone, it will not evolve into a Gengar after the trade.