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no matter what you do if you want to evolve it, you have to make it happy first. The number 1 way to make it happy is to never let it faint. I just caught a golbat at lv.40 in victory road and used a rare candy on it 3 ttimes and it evolved. In my gold version it evolved at lv 28. so it depends whether it's happy or not. Hope it helped

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Q: What level does golbat evolve in crystal?
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How do you evolve zubat in Pokemon Crystal?

You need to level Zubat up to level 22. Then it will evolve into Golbat.

What level does golbat evolve at in leafgreen?

Golbat does not evolve at any specific level. You need to get the Golbat to like you a lot and then when it levels up it should evolve into Crobat.

What level does golbat evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Golbat will evolve if it has max friendship with its trainer which means it can evolve at any level.

What level does Golbat evolve into a Crobat?

you don't level it up you get it INSANELYhappy

Pokemon Ruby what level does golbat evolve?

There is no specific level for golbat to evolve it needs to be loyal to it's trainer in order to evolve.

What level does golbat evolve at Pokemon LeafGreen?

Golbat doesn't evolve at any specific level because it takes a trainers love to there Golbat in order for it to evolve it can be level 100 when it evolves or it can evolve the next level right after it becomes a Golbat it all depends on it's happiness with it's trainer.

What lvl does golbat evolve?

Golbat doesnt evolve by level, you have to trade it for it to turn into Crobat.

What level does golbat evolve in platnium?

Golbat evolves by Friendship

What level evolve golbat?

Golbat can evolve in any level. Golbat evolves into Crobat via happiness. Your Golbat must be happy enough until it will evolve. It can evolve from having fun with battles. I suggest you give it a Soothe Bell to make this proggress much quicker.

What level does golbat evolve into a Crobat on pearl?

Golbat evolves with happiness.

In diamondpearl what level does golbat evolve into Crobat?

There is no evolve, you have to evolve it by friendship.

What level does golbat in Pokemon FireRed?

Golbat is a happiness evolution so it can evolve at any level.