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Ghastly learns mean look at level 18, but only after you beat the elite four and catch Raikou. Give it a metal claw and push the a and b buttons as fast as you can while it is leveling up. Then throw your master ball in the next battle at whatever Pokemon you are fighting, and it should learn the move.

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Q: What level does gastly learn mean look?
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When does gastly learn mean look?

Gastly learns Mean Look on level 13.

What level gastly can learn mean look?

level 8

What Pokemon has the move mean look?

Gastly should learn mean look at level 8 :)

Does gastly learn mean look in pearl?

Yes gastly learns mean look when he envovles to haunter

When does haunter learn mean look?

when its level wont see it in the the moves so just evolve it from gastly. gastly evolves at level 25.It shouldn't take that long....

How can you make gastly learn mean look heartgold?

Gastly should learn mean look at level 8. If you have caught yours at a higher lvl it should know it. If not you can hatch one at the daycare and raise it u. Hope this helps :D

What Pokemon has mean look?

Gastly and Zubat can learn mean look when they are a certain lv.

What level does gastly learn mean look in Pokemon soul silver?

it learns it at lvl 8 or any othe time if you go to the move teacher

How do you get mean look in HeartGold?

u cant but gastly knows it and golbat learn it after a while aswell u catch gastly in the dim cave on the pokewalker

What level does haunter learn mean look at in fire red?

Is learns ir when is gastly at level 8. I'm trying yo make my level 52 Haunter to learn it but I don't know how. I already go to island two for the mushroom man but he only teach him lick, night shade, spite, conduse ray, shadow punch or destiny bond. No mean look as you see. If you need it rush, try hatching a gastly and grouw him up to lv. 8 he will learn mean look. Or try carching a Golbat. Hope it helps. Blessings

What level does murkrow learn mean look?

Murkrow will learn mean look at level 48

What Pokemon can learn mean look in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon Platinum, the Pokémon that can learn Mean Look via level up would include Zubat and its evolutions, Gastly and its evolutions, Smoochum and its evolution, Umbreon, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Sableye, Duskull and its two evolutions of Dusclops and Dusknoir.