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level 30

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Q: What level does a Castform learn Weather Ball?
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What level does roserade learn weather ball?

You have to learn Weather Ball from the Move Tutor. You will need a heart scale though which you can get from underground.

What level does a castform boy learn wheather ball in Pokemon platinum?

Regardless of the gender, Castform learns Weather Ball [Normal] at level 30. The attack type changes depending on the weather; [Fire] if sunny, [Water] if rainy, and [Ice] if it's hailing. Therefore, it's a really good idea to teach Castform Sunny Day (TM11), Rain Dance(TM18), and Hail(TM07).

What level does Roselia learn the move weather ball?

to teach Roselia weather ball, you must go to the move tutor in pastoria- but make sure you have a heart scale, which can be found underground.

What level does Pikachu learn electro ball at on ptd?

Pikachu learn electro ball at level 18

What should i keep on my sapphire team castform-thunder rain dance weather ball blizzard or manectric-bite hyper beam thunderbolt and spark at the same level?

keep manectric i have one and it 1hit kos all the poken in the world

What level does turtwig learn energy ball?

turtwig does not learn energy ball

What are the attacks of cast form in Pokemon diamond?

Castform's moves: Level Move - Tackle 10 Water gun, Ember, Powder snow 20 Rain dance, Sunny day, Hail 30 Weather ball For more info click link below.

What level does haunter learn shadow ball?

33 level

What level does torterra learn energy ball?

It can't learn it by Level up, only from TM53

Why Gengar don't learn shadow ball?

Actually, it does learn Shadow Ball. It learns it at level 33, or through TM.

When does roserade learn weather ball?

Roserade doesn't exactly learn Weather Ball in the tradition sense but it does know and can learn the move. In-order to teach Roserade the move Weather Ball you need to find a Move Reminder which is an NPC that will reteach a Pokémon moves it already learned at lower levels for the cost of 1 Heart Scale. This is the only way to teach Roserade Weather Ball, many other Pokémon also have moves that require a Move Reminder to learn.

What level does mismagius learn shadow ball?

It doesn't. You can teach it Shadow Ball with TM30, or have your Misdreavus level up to level 37 before evolving it.