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level 40.

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Q: What level does Kadabra learn Psychic?
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What level does kadabra get Pschic silver?

Kadabra learns Psychic at level 38. It also can be able to learn Psychic at a earlier level with using TM29 - Psychic.

When does Kadabra or alakazam learn phsychic in Pokemon pearl?

Kadabra and Alakazam both learn Psychic at level 40.

What moves can kadabra learn in LeafGreen?

kadabra can learn psybeam in lv. 20,psychic in lv.46,amnesia in lv.55,hyper beam in lv.73.

What level does kadabra learn psybeam in Pokemon diamond?

Kadabra learns Psybeam at level 24.

At what level does kadabra learn psybeam?

level 24

What level does kadabra learn psycic?

level 4,000

How come your Kadabra doesnt know physic when its lv 45?

because the only way to get psychic is start with a low level kadabra. psychic should be learned between lv 20-30

What level does lapras learn psychic?

Lapras cannot learn psychic by natural means. It can learn TM29- Psychic.

What moves does kadabra learn in Pokemon Emerald?

This is the moveset for Kadabra in Pokémon Emerald. Start Kinesis Start Teleport Level 16 Confusion Level 18 Disable Level 21 Psybeam Level 23 Reflect Level 25 Recover Level 30 Future Sight Level 33 Role Play Level 36 Psychic Level 43 Trick

What element is kadabra?


What level does Abra learn confusion in Pokemon Yellow?

Kadabra learns confusion. *This occurs at LV16

What level does kirlia learn psychic?

Kirlia learns Psychic at level 31.