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I dont know wheather garchomp learns earthquake but yoy can definatly teach it.

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Q: What level does Garchomp learn earthquake?
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What level does Garchomp learn earthguake in Pokemon diamond?

Garchomp actually doesn't learn earthquake by increasing lvl....but it learns through tm26(which is earthquake).

What level does Garchomp learn earthquake in Pokemon diamond?

I dont think it can learn it.

What moves can garchomp learn?

garchomp can naturaly learn giga impact, earthquake

What level does Garchomp learn giga impact in Pokemon platinum?

Garchomp cannot learn Giga Impact from leveling up in Pokemon Platinum. Garchomp can learn Giga Impact from the TM that teaches it which is TM68.

What level does aerodactyl learn earthquake?

Venusaur can only learn Earthquake through TM26 Earthquake.

When does garchomp learn draceo meteor?

Garchomp does NOT learn Draco Meteor by level up or TM. It learns it by move tutor when it's friendship is maxed out with your trainer.

What level does Infernape learn earthquake in Pokemon Platinum?

It doesn't learn Earthquake through level up, but it can learn it through the use of the Earthquake TM.

What level does garcomp learn outrage?

Garchomp doesn`t learn Outrage! XXX A Girly

Which is the best Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Platinum?

in my opinion it is garchomp it can learn flamethrower and earthquake/dig and dragon type and it can learn fly. hope this helped

What level does metagross learn earthquake?

Metagross can only learn Earthquake with the use of a TM.

At what level does a Garchomp learn dragon rush in pokemon pearl?

between level 52 and 56

Can Garchomp learn Surf?

yes my garchomp is level 100 and he knows surf and also fireblast rock climb and false swipe